Saturday, March 10, 2012

::3 Mac 2012::

I turned to 32 tis times fly..tqvm for all wishes from friends,relatives,bf(ada ke..hahha)..may all the good wishes happened to,sustenance,match(which i waiting for..),longevity and others..Amin..and one of my relatives say'selamat dtg ke alam NONA..hahha...thought of the NONA host-Fara Fauzana...ehhehe..we are the same age and still not married!Nevermind,maybe not yet to meet a right bride(even in the hearts of struggling)..
Yes..This year I expect a change in my life.Hopes my dreams and my fantasy became into reality.Moreover 3mac fall Saturday.So hopes there is something special happened on that date. hahah..poor me..only able to dream much is difficult to express to anyone..let myself store,swallow all the feelings and treating a wound.Hope in favor of peace beside me.Redho and Pasrah...above all HIS centainty~

Dear Allah........,
It sure look impossible
but i'll do the best
I can do
I do believe i'll make it
because i have faith in you
I know you'll behind me
to help me all the way
Please give me strength
and give me courage
to make it through this day...

Happy Birthday to me..;)

*hope the light comes later.


  1. Insyallah...... just wait n see ;)

  2. happy belated birthday weiii...awat tak kabor ada blog....

  3. hehhe..munna..i malu syok sendiri jek ni..hehhe;)